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Van 4 t/m 10 september zendt het Gnawa Festival elke dag een Lila Livestream uit rechtstreeks vanuit de Gnawa Studio in Casablanca. De livestreams zijn online te volgen via de Facebookpagina van het Gnawa Festival.

A native of Marrakech, this great traveler immersed himself in the great orchestras to perfect his musical training. He worked with the Oulad Lahssiri orchestra and decided to move to Casablanca to learn from the greatest maalems: Sam, Hmida Boussou, Abdelkader Benthami and Ouled Chrifa. Maâlem Hamam is interested in musical research and the fusion of Gnaoua art with world music. He takes part in many musical projects in this direction, notably with Amine Serraj, Vivier Lagneau or even Boddhi Satva.

Because tagnaouite is a family affair, Hassan Boussou fell into the pot of music at a very young age. Son of the late Maâlem H'mida Boussou, Hassan Boussou was brought up according to the precepts of Gnaoui tradition. In 1996, he formed the group Gnaoua Fusion with Belgian musicians. Recently settled in France, he met the future members of the group Séwaryé with whom he decided to renew the experience of crossbreeding and fusion. The traditional repertoire remains the main source of inspiration for Maâlem Hassan Boussou while enriching himself with western sounds. He performs regularly with the musicians of his late father, Maâlem H'mida Boussou. Faithful among the faithful, Hassan offers to the festival each edition all the generosity of his art. In 2016, he merged with one of the American masters of free jazz, Jamaaladeen Tacuma at the 19th edition of the festival. In March 2017, he received a standing ovation from a conquered public during the Gnaoua Festival Tour concert at Le Bataclan, a 100% festival fusion concert with Maâlem Mustapha Bakbou, Hindi Zahra, Mehdi Nassouli, Tony Allen, Karim Ziad and Titi Robin.

Son of Maâlem Abdelkader Benthami and the scion of a Gnaoua family, Abderrahim Benthami was born in 1956 in Casablanca. He learned his craft at his father’s side, and has made a significant contribution to the enrichment of Gnaoua music. His musical path has led him to encounters with Abderrahman Paco and Boussou. As a symbol of the new generation of maâlems, Abderrahim Benthami takes up the torch alongside Hicham Merchane, the son of Maâlem Abdelkebir Merchane. Distinguished by his mastery of the Marsaoui style, Maâlem Abderrahim Benthami has shone in many fusion concerts, notably with American percussionist Andy Narrel and Abdenour Djemaï on banjo and mondole (Algerian mandolin).

Born in 1958 in the Derb Sultan neighbourhood of Casablanca, Maâlem Rachid El Hamzaoui is the scion of a Gnaoua family. Initiated into the Tagnaouite at the age of 7, with the guidance of great maâlems of Gnaoua, such as Maâlem H’mida Boussou. Maâlem Rachid El Hamzaoui has led many traditional lilas throughout his career, and has frequently participated in national events. He is a familiar face at the Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival, performing acoustic concerts, notably in 2007 and 2010.

Maâlem Abdenbi was born in Marrakech and currently lives in Casablanca. He developed his artistic practice at the advice of Maâlem H’mida Boussou. Having become a maâlem in his own right, today he leads the group Sidi Mimoun, working regularly in Italy, where he is recording an album. His style refers to his origins, and his music evokes both Casablanca and Marrakech versions of the Gnaoua traditions. He has spread awareness of the Gnaoua culture in Europe, and often at the Essaouira Festival, Maâlem Abdenbi has played in fusion with major international artists, like French guitarist Titi Robin in 2006. In 2009, he created a sensation by playing with Moroccan DJs Unes and Hak’x. Since then, this maâlem – with a very special aura – continues to charm his devoted fans each year, on the mainstages and in Lila concert sessions.

Maâlem Saïd Oughessal was born in Casablanca in 1964 into a family with a Gnaoui musical tradition. A true virtuoso of guembri, Maâlem Oughessal has performed on several stages in Morocco and abroad. Living in Madrid, he has collaborated with several renowned artists, including the famous jazzman Randy Weston, saxophonist Jorge Pardo and Rubem Dantas, the percussionist of Paco de Lucia. He has performed many times at the Gnaoua and World Music Festival.

Born in Casablanca in 1980, Ismail Rahil grew up in an Issawa and Gnaoua zaouia where his father, the Moqaddem Haj Mustapha Rahil, initiated him into the art of the trance while still a child. At 14, Rahil belonged to several local traditional music groups, and eventually turned to mastering the Guembri. Ismail began his path as a disciple of the departed great maâlem Hmida Boussou, then joined maâlem Abdennabi El Gadari in his troupe until he himself became maâlem and created his own troupe, "Oulad bambra". Since then, Ismail Rahil has gone on to tour the world. He performed for a year at Disneyland’s Epcot, where he broke all records with over 300 performances. Ismail Rahil has already recorded his first album Aicha, which was very popular with world music fans, and is currently preparing his next album, which will coincide with The Gnaoua and World Music Festival in Essaouira 2018.

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